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Model 6517B/E Electrometer/High-Resistance Meter
Part Number : 6517B/E

Model 6517B/E Electrometer/High-Resistance Meter

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Keithley's 5½-digit Model 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter offers accuracy and sensitivity specifications unmatched by any other meter of this type. Italso offers a variety of features that simplifies measuring high resistances and the resistivity of insulating materials. With reading rates of up to 425 readings/ second, the Model 6517B is also significantly faster than competitive electrometers, so it offers a quick, easy way to measure low-level currents.

The Model 6517B is an updated version, replacing the earlier Model 6517A, which was introduced in 1996. Software applications created for the Model 6517A using SCPI commands can run without modifications on the Model 6517B. However, the Model 6517B does offer some useful enhancements to the earlier design. Its internal battery-backed memory buffer can now store up to 50,000 readings, allowing users to log test results for longer periods and to store more data associated with those readings. The new model also provides faster reading rates to the internal buffer (up to 425 readings/second) and to external memory via the IEEE bus (up to 400 readings/second). Several connector modifications have been incorporated to address modern connectivity and safety requirements.

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  • Measures resistances up to 1016Ω
  • 1fA - 20mA current measurement range
  • <20µV burden voltage on lowest current ranges
  • 200TΩ input impedance
  • <3fA bias current
  • Up to 425 rdgs/s
  • 0.75fA p-p noise
  • Built-in ±1kV voltage source
  • Unique voltage reversal method for high resistance measurements
  • Optional plug-in scanner cards
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